Reviews of Chasing The Rabbit

“Chasing the Rabbit is one of the most honest portrayals of raising a child on the autism spectrum that I have ever read. This book, told from the unique perspective of a father, is highly recommended for all parents and professionals, or anyone who loves someone with a disability.”   

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– Lisa A. Phalen, IBCCES Certified Autism Specialist

“This book is not just for parents, grandparents and siblings, but should be read by any professional who wants to increase their understanding of just what it means to have a child on the Spectrum.  I was delighted with this book. It is unique, readable, engaging and tells it just as it is!”  

Maxine Aston, Counselor and Consultant in Asperger syndrome, Park Counseling Centre, Conventry, United Kingdom

“I believe that his work should be required reading for anyone working in the field of special education!”   

Cindy Elder, Riding To The Top Therapeutic Riding Center, Windham, ME & Retired Special Education teacher 

“Chasing the Rabbit is a must read for anyone who has had the opportunity to work with a child with autism.  Every teacher should find the time to add this book to his or her professional library.” 

– Steven Benson, Ed. S., Program Director of Autism, Cobb County Schools, Georgia

“I have read many books that have been called, “honest”, “candid”, but I have never seen it so clearly as in this memoir by Derek Volk.”  

Tracy Murphy, mom of a son with Asperger’s

“From your vantage point of a father, husband, and observer, a clear sense of what family life with a mixture of love, chaos, and difficult decisions presents.”   

Eric Chessen, Founder of Autism Fitness 

“Derek has stated that having to deal with this curveball and writing the book is part of God’s plan to help others. I am here to say that it’s already working it’s magic and that my story is proof of that.” 

– Eric LeClair, adult with Asperger’s