“The two of you shepherded your audience through the complexities and challenges in a life created by autism, and then deposited us amongst the success and hope that see you through your days with love, patience and understanding.”

– Patti Victor, Matthew Reardon Autism Center, Savannah, Georgia

“In their feedback on the keynote presentation, attendees used words like “phenomenal,” inspirational,” and “amazing.”  I would without hesitation, recommend Derek and Dylan.”

– Erin Rice, Southern Maine Autism Conference

“Your class exceeded our expectations!  We received comments that included the words awesome, fantastic, extremely informative, terrific and excellent.”

– Sue Holmes, SeniorPlus Education Coordinator

“Your talk was engaging and thought provoking.  You gave our attendees a unique understanding of the experience of autism they will carry with them.”

– Caryn Husman, University of New England

“Their presentation was outstanding; it was relatable, truthful, funny and inspiring.”

– Liz Pierce, Easter Seals of Maine

“The connection made through yours and Dylan’s conversation about finding employment was perfect.”

– Larry Temple, Executive Director, Texas Workforce Commission

“The whole crowd of people gathered for the talk were mesmerized from the beginning to the end.”

– Amanda Christianson, Lawrence, Maine Public Library