Dylan’s comedy

Dylan Volk, also known as Dielawn, has been performing comedy for many years.  At age 13 he was involved in an improv group and also created a series of comedic prank calls.  Dylan started doing stand-up comedy when he was 15 years old.

Dylan’s most current comedy efforts are focused on his comedy YouTube channel, Dielawn Comedy and Instagram RealDielawn (where he has  over 15,000 followers!).  As with many comedians, his comedy is edgy, satirical and not always politically correct . . . but very funny.    His short clips and music videos are gaining a tremendous following.  Check them out by searching Dielawn Comedy on YouTube or click

Dielawn Comedy

Dylan shows off his love for cats in “She Purrin'”

Dylan is a little confused about what year it is . . .

Lookin’ Good, Dielawn!!

Another clever music video, his most popular with almost 25K views!

Dielawn’s video takes him to the Maine Mall to try out some pick up lines. See how it goes . . .
Dylan’s attempt at using Tinder pick-up lines