Free First Session

Are you someone with autism struggling to figure out the complex social world?  Best selling author, YouTube sensation and radio talk show host Dylan “Dielawn” Volk has learned a lot along his path to adulthood and would love to work with you to help improve your social skills.

You can purchase your session with Dylan by clicking here.

Dylan’s Social Skills Coaching is not affiliated with any certification nor is it formal counseling.  Dylan agrees to meet with the client in order to provide assistance in an array of topics areas including:

  • Social Skills
  • Challenges fitting in at school (middle school, high school or college)
  • How to be more outgoing
  • How to appropriately break into conversations
  • Job interview skills, how to nail the job interview
  • Transition to adulthood, tips for gaining independence
  • Getting dates (for guys)

Watch some of his videos and then send us an email (dsvolk@volkboxes.com) to arrange an initial 30 minute FREE consult.  It can be done in person (if local in Orlando Florida area) or by Skype if far away. 
Additional sessions are $30 for 30 minutes or $50 per hour.

Click to watch . . .

Dylan’s thoughts on being told to “Just be Yourself”

Dylan talks about the term Normal

Dylan’s High School experiences

Dylan’s employment experiences