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Great day at Egg & I and Summerfest

Every time I am at an event talking to people about Chasing the Rabbit I am reminded more and more why God put it on my heart to write this book.  On Saturday, August 29 I did a morning book signing at Egg & I in Scarborough and then that evening I did another at Scarborough Summerfest.  While it was a successful day selling books I consider it even more of a success because of the lives  I know will be impacted….

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Too many years angry

Derek Volk’s Blog for AANE
I spent too many years mad at my son.  I always loved him very much but I was angry with him.  I knew it was wrong at the time but I just couldn’t help myself.  He was destroying the ideal family that I dreamed I would have when I became a father.  He created almost constant stress.  He was only 25% of our children but he sucked up about 90% of our time and energy. …

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